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Valerie Jenness UCI School of Social Ecology Search … Publications Sexton, Lori and Valerie Jenness. 2016. “‘We’re Like Community’: The Social Allocation of Collective Identity and Collective Identity Among Transgender Women in Prisons for Men.” Punishment & Society (In Press):1-35. Jenness, Valerie and Sarah Fenstermaker. 2016. “Forty Years After Brownmiller: Prisons for Men, Transgender Inmates, and the Rape of the Feminine.” Gender & Society 30(1):14-29. Calavita, Kittty and Valerie Jennness. 2015. Appealing to Justice: Prisoner Grievances, Rights, and Carceral Logic. Berkeley, California: University of California Press. Jenness, Valerie and Sarah Fenstermaker. 2014. “Agnes Goes to Prison: Gender Authenticity, Transgender Inmates in Prisons for Men, and the Pursuit of ‘The Real Deal’”. Gender & Society 28(1)1:5-31. Jenness, Valerie. 2014. “Pesticides, Prisoners, and Policy: Complexity and Praxis in Resesarch on Transgender Prisoners and Beyond”. Sociological Perspectives 57(1):6-26. Calavita, Kitty and Valerie Jenness. 2013. “Inside the Pyramid of Disputes: Naming Problems and Filing Grievances in California Prisons.” Social Problems 60(1):50-80. Jenness, Valerie and Ryken Grattet. 2012. “Hate Crime Law, Policy, and Law Enforcement in California: The Presence, Content, and Consequences of the Law- in-Between.” A special issue of Poinikii Dikaiosini (Penal Justice) devoted to Eglimatologia (Criminology). Athens, Greece: Nomiki Vivliothiki (Legal Library). Jenness, Valerie and Michael Smyth. 2011. “The Passage and Implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act: Legal Endogeneity and the Uncertain Road from Symbolic Law to Instrumental Effects. Stanford Law & Policy Review 22(2): 489- 528. Jenness, Valerie. 2011. “Getting to Know ‘The Girls’ in an ‘Alpha-Male’ Community: Notes on Fieldwork on Transgender Inmates in California Prisons.” In Sociologists Backstage: Answers to 10 Questions About What They Do, edited by Sarah Fenstermaker and Nikki Jones. New York: Routledge Press. Jenness, Valerie. 2010. “From Policy to Prisoners to People: A ‘Soft-Mixed Methods’ Approach to Studying Transgender Prisoners.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. 39(5): 517-553. Sexton, Lori A., Valerie Jenness, and Jennifer Macy Sumner. 2010. “Where the Margins Meet: A Demographic Assessment of Transgender Inmates in Men’s Prisons.” Justice Quarterly.27(6):835-860. Jenness, Valerie, Cheryl L. Maxson, Jennifer Macy Sumner, and Kristy N. Matsuda. 2010. “Accomplishing the Difficult, But Not Impossible: Collecting Self-Report Data on Inmate-on-Inmate Sexual Assault in Prison.”Criminal Justice Policy Review 21(1):3-30. Home Publications
2. Jenness, Valerie. 2009. “From Symbolic Law to Criminal Justice Practice: Hate Crime Policy, Policing, and Prosecution.” In Handbook on Crime and Public Policy, edited by Michael Tonry. New York: Oxford University Press. Grattet, Ryken and Valerie Jenness. 2008. “Transforming Symbolic Law into Organizational Action: Hate Crime Policy and Law Enforcement Practice.” Social Forces 87(1):501-528. Jenness, Valerie. 2008. “Pluto, Prisons, and Plaintiffs: Notes on Systematic Back Translation from an Embedded Researcher.’” Social Problems 55:1-22. Jenness, Valerie. 2007. “The Emergence, Content, and Institutionalization of Hate Crime Law: How a Diverse Policy Community a Produced a Modern Legal Fact.” Annual Review of Law and Social Science 3:141-160. Grattet, Ryken and Valerie Jenness. 2005. “The Reconstitution of Law in Local Settings: Agency Discretion, Ambiguity, and a Surplus of Law in the Policing of Hate Crime.” Law & Society Review 39:893-941. Jenness, Valerie and Ryken Grattet. 2005. “The Law-In-Between: The Effects of Organizational Perviousness on the Policing of Hate Crime.” Social Problems 52:337-359. Jenness, Valerie. 2004. “Explaining Criminalization: From Demography and Status Politics to Globalization and Modernization.” Annual Review of Sociology 30:141- 171. Valerie Jenness Criminology, Law and Society School of Social Ecology University of California Irvine Irvine, CA 92697 (949) 824-3017 © 2017 UC Regents

Valerie Jenness

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