Testimonials Valerie Jenness

Testimonials Valerie Jenness

February 6, 2015

A+ with Professor Valerie Jenness!

Valerie Jenness’s Hate Crimes Class described

This course is not for the faint hearted. I spent many hours up at night reading and analyzing, attended every lecture and worked hard on my class papers. I also did a note switch with someone in my class and continued to put as much effort in as possible and my reward was an A+!

It’s true that Professor Jenness has high expectations but I firmly believe that if she didn’t have such high expectations, I wouldn’t have achieved the grade I did. I’ve seen a handful of reviews about Professor Jenness online saying that the course was too difficult or there was too much reading involved. Unless you are interested in the course and are willing to try hard, you’re not going to do so great. Professor Jenness is an outstanding teacher – follow what she says and you’ll be fine.

You can really help yourself in this class by following some of the hate crimes in the media today. Of course this isn’t going to be completely enough but it will help you along the way. Professor Jenness is a fair grader and very clear speaker.

 The tests were a little tricky and there are also two papers to write but her unique teaching style and clarity helped me get through this. If I could do this course again, I would only do it if it were with Professor Jenness. It’s great also to study with someone who is so decorated in the field. I also highly recommend reading ‘Making Hate a Crime’ by Professor Valerie Jenness.

February 11, 2015

Possible Sociology Student Seeking Help – UCI, Professor Jenness?

A mature student who’s just finished travelling is seeking advice on choice of classes to take.

I’ve just spent 3 years travelling around the world and I’m now back at home in the US. I’ve been to some BEAUTIFUL! Places … Places of ancient beauty like Japan, Indonesia, Turkey and Morocco.

I’ve also been to places where today’s brilliant architectural minds are hard at work like in the Burj Khalifa Dubai, the National Congress of Brazil and the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. I’ve been blessed to do things that i always wanted to do as a child, like ride on the back of an elephant, skydive, swim with dolphins and be climbed upon by excited monkeys!

But, now, I have decided it is time for me to take the next step in my life and go back to gain a degree. I always knew I would go back to school, originally.

I thought to do something in Architecture but, now, having met thousands of people on my journeys and lived in amongst different cultures and societies and learned about different laws and customs so different to our own, I’ve been doing some reading and research and have decided that I want to study sociology.

I am reaching out to any current or former students of the School of Social Ecology at the University of California, Irvine which I understand to have a fantastic program. Feel free to get in touch with me to share your opinions and experiences.

I have must say I have seen many comments and heard great things about Dean; Professor Valerie Jenness.

I watched a youtube video the other day where accepts an award. Also, I’ve also just bought her books, ‘Making Hate a Crime’ and ‘Making It Work’.

I’d love to pick up the studies again, especially with a renowned Professor like the one who is currently the Dean as well. Thanks for your Help – Please comment below!

Interested Student!

May 1, 2015

The Inequality in Modern Dating

I find myself inspired after attending a class taught by Dr. Valerie Jenness. I’ve always wondered why there is inequality in the dating scene. More often than not, I have gone on a date with a guy who wants only the meek and mild girl who will stop at nothing to please him. What’s the point of having that kind of relationship? In my eyes, it’s a horrible existence lacking free thought and independence.

A common problem arises, on the flip side, where the woman is shunned for voicing her opinions or being too forthcoming with what she wants. Why is it a bad thing to be assertive? Many guys have told me they view this as a threat or it’s intimidating. They simply don’t know how to react when put in this situation. Possibly, it’s a pseudo ego the guy has built for himself which can’t withstand a strong, independent woman. Whatever the reason may be, it stinks going on a date with a guy who has this demeanor.

When it comes to discussing feelings, guys are usually perceived to be the ones who lack the ability to convey themselves clearly. There is a lot of societal pressure on women to fill that void. What if I have the problem expressing my feelings? Did I just wave a wicked wand at Mother Nature and say she missed my emotional bone followed by a devilish laugh? No. I would be viewed as the “cold” one who lacks all capability of feeling. It’s rather unfortunate really. I’m automatically cast aside as an empty shell of a being when that is hardly the case.

These types of norms have been created for us and should be dismantled. Knowledge is power though. An awareness must be raised to in order to crush the preconceived notion of how each gender should behave when dating or in a relationship. I’ll post more after I have another inspiring class from Dr. Valerie Jenness.

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